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How to learn mathematics on your own

For many students around the world, Mathematics is considered one of the greatest enemies, a phobia that many inherit from friends and some from parents. Its unfortunate reputation at all school levels has divided the students' society into those who love it and those who don’t or what is commonly referred to as math ‘haves and ‘have-nots. Some people have even gone ahead to justify their dislike for arithmetic by arguing that it is not much helpful in life forgetting that the modern society needs the services of engineers, economists, architects, physicists, statisticians and many other more professionals who primarily use arithmetic. Luckily, there are always well-proved methods that students can use to learn and improve on their own.

Use of worked examples

Many tutors and lecturers in the classrooms often use worked-out examples which are seen as the ideal method for guiding students to full understanding. There a lot of resources where individuals can get such examples and all you need is the enthusiasm to seek them out and do a lot of practice which is very beneficial. There are also many websites that provide tutorial solutions and explanations for calculation problems derived from standard textbooks. Some of the best websites include Hotmath and Encarta which provide instant help to all people and thus increasing their learning effectiveness. After using the examples, one should try to independently solve other related problems as this increases their confidence and a sense of achievement and the willingness to tackle more challenges.

Have fun and develop mathematical thinking

Everyone knows and understands the famous proverb “Rome was not built in a day.” It is, therefore, important to apply this understanding when learning arithmetic by practicing the concepts in the real world and into your daily routine and this will make you a master. The links that are formed between math and real life strengthen with time and the outcome will last longer when compared to just cramming the concepts.

In conclusion, it is important to note that arithmetic should be taken in more by understanding rather than just cramming the concepts.

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